Pingyao Singing Street Vendor

A Pingyao street vendor entertains tourists by teaching them how to sing his advertising slogan.

Pingyao street scene, a vendor pushes his cart.

The vendor is called to a group of tourists.

A street vendor offering dates from a cart to a group of women in Pingyao.

Vendor offering fresh Chinese dates.

Chinese Dates on the vendor's cart.

Chinese Dates on the vendor’s cart.

Street vendor offering dates over a cart to a group of women.

The vendor encourages to taste his dates and teaches his advertising singing.

Women tasting dates and singing.

The women taste the fresh dates and sing the newly taught slogan.

Hands picking up dates from a cart.

Choosing and buying dates.

Women haggling over price and weight with a street vendor.

Some haggling over price and weight.

A group of women waving goodbye.

The women see the vendor off.

A vendor pushing a cart on a street in Pingyao.

The vendor leaves down the street.