One Child Policy to be Relaxed

China has relaxed the One Child Policy, which was brought in place 1970 to control the fast growing population. Now China’s problems are different, it’s population is overaged and it’s workforce is expected to shrink. With the changed policy the in number of birth is expected to rise from 15 million by an additional 1 to 2 million per year, Wang Feng an demographer from University of California, and Fudan University, Shanghai, estimates, according to the New York Times.
But not all Chinese are equally allowed to now have 2 children from now on.

The news, that Chinese couples now can have more children has been welcomed world-wide, with comments made in media and social networks discussing the various aspects of the policy change.
Are those who are now allowed to have more children willing to change how they planned their life and do they want to have more children?

Should there be more children, there will be a need to be more resources for them. Tom Falk, the chief executive of Kimberly-Clark, according to Forbes Magazin, still believes that he’ll be seeing and increase of diapers used by the elderly than by babies.
Maybe some of the old nurseries and primary schools which have been reduced in the late 70ies will need to be reopened and extended, says ZhaoZhaoYu an older teacher at a language school for foreigners in Beijing.

Beijing school kids queueing to get on the school bus.

Beijing school kids queueing to get on the school bus.


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